10 tahun yang lalu, usai habis menduduki peperiksaan SPM, terus masuk kem PLKN selama 3 bulan..habis PLKN pula ngam ngam sehari sebelum keluar keputusan SPM!

10 years ago, after finishing high school, I was stuck in a camp for 3 months!

The best part: Camp location. Within walking distance to the Cape Rachado/ Tanjung Tuan lighthouse. (Since our camp was located at the vicinity of Pantai Cermin and Pantai Tanjung Biru-Blue Lagoon, so we had water based activities there: kayaking & berakit bamboo rafting)
Holding & shooting M16 rifle
The worst part: Night duty ie to round the camp and make sure everyone is in bed (super scary, just in case if I bumped into ghosts or supernatural thingy lol!)

Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

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